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Owning a Wienerschnitzel Franchise is Even Sweeter with Tastee-Freez

Hot Dog Franchise Owners Benefit From Wienerschnitzel’s Ownership Of Iconic Soft Serve Frozen Dessert Brand

Wienerschnitzel franchise Tastee-Freez sundae

When you invest in a new Wienerschnitzel franchise, you don’t just get to be a part one iconic brand with a 60-year legacy of making people happy, you get to be a part of two. In 2003, the Galardi Group, parent company and franchisor of the Wienerschnitzel brand, bought the legendary soft-serve brand Tastee-Freez – and the results couldn’t have been sweeter for our franchise partners!

Tastee-Freez, founded in 1950, is beloved by millions across the country – and for good reason. The iconic soft serve frozen dessert brand is beloved for its famous soft-serve ice cream cones, which can be hand-dipped in chocolate or orange, covered in sprinkles or served plain. Not only does every Wienerschnitzel franchise location offer soft-serve cones, but we also offer delicious shakes, root beer floats, banana splits, old fashioned sundaes, orange cream shakes, and Freezes, which are soft-serve blended with Oreo’s®, M&M’s®, or Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups.

Unsurprisingly, Tastee Freez products have been an enormous hit with our millions of fans, and have been an equally enormous revenue generator for our franchise owners.

“Wienerschnitzel and Tastee-Freez are really a perfect match,” says Ted Milburn, Director of Franchise Development with Wienerschnitzel. “Tastee-Freez is an iconic brand that millions of people love and connect with – and what goes better with a chili dog than a soft-serve cone or a shake? In the last few years, Tastee-Freez has become a nice uptick for store sales. From a marketing perspective, it’s equally advantageous, as we have the opportunity to produce fun new items that make our customers excited to come back. It’s a win-win for both our franchise owners and their customers.”

Americans Love Soft-Serve

If you’ve noticed that soft-serve seems to be everywhere these days, you’re not alone. Nostalgia is a driving force in consumer behavior, and because soft-serve can’t be made at home or bought in the store, the restaurant industry is taking notice:

“Soft serve isn’t ice cream,” writes Eater, in an article entitled, “Why is Soft Serve on So Many Restaurant Menus?” “Typically, it’s made without eggs and with stabilizers, and it must be made with a soft serve machine. The machine injects air (soft serve is at least 50 percent air, technically called overrun) into a base that contains at least 10 percent milk fat per FDA guidelines. The machine freezes the mixture at a temperature a few degrees warmer than hard-packed ice cream, which, combined with the greater proportion of air, give soft serve its signature texture. And because soft serve is machine-made, it’s consistent. It will always be the right texture and temperature, and just about anyone can pull the lever to quickly fill a cup with freshly churned dairy. This is dessert a la minute.”

Wienerschnitzel franchise storefront at sunset

No other brand does soft-serve better than the brand that pioneered the concept. Soft-serve ice cream was pioneered by Leo Moranz, an inventor, and Harry Axene, an entrepreneur, who came together in 1950 to market a revolutionary new soft-serve pump and freezer which far exceeded the technology of any existing equipment, allowing for faster service and a higher quality, great-tasting product.

Within five years after the first freezer was sold, walk-up stands bearing the Tastee Freez name opened across the country to sell cones and sundaes to the public. Moranz and Axene allowed stands to use the Tastee Freez name in exchange for rent paid on the soft serve pump needed to operate each freezer.

Wienerschnitzel Franchise Owners Get To Serve The Legendary Tastee Freez

“We’re in the business of making people happy,” Milburn says. “When you bite into a chocolate-dipped cone, or you wash down a hot dog with a shake, you’re going to walk out of our restaurant feeling really good. This is what our franchise owners get to witness day-in and day-out. This is a business that makes people happy, it’s a business that creates memories – and what could be better than that?”

Ready To Invest In A Wienerschnitzel Franchise?

With open territory, new store designs, and a new generation of nostalgia-driven consumers, Wienerschnitzel is a worthy investment for an entrepreneur who wants to bring the best tasting hot dog on the planet to their community. With industry-leading support, a proven business model, and 10 years of continual same-store sales increases, the time to invest in a Wienerschnitzel franchise is now!

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